Want to stop gaining weight and have a chiseled body ? follow these strategies

The 21st century is the age of self consciousness. People are more conscious about their self image, how they look and how they want to look. Everyone wants to look good, have a muscular and chiseled body. However, that is easier said than done.

Trying not to put on weight as you navigate the onslaught of Christmas meals, parties and get-together can feel like avoiding the sun in the desert.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to holiday season weight gain or be miserable in order to keep the weight off.

In the festive seasons when you are with the family, and everywhere there is good food, ample drinks, its difficult to be strict with your food habits. So here are the steps and strategies which would not only help you keep you in balance, but also allow you to indulge a bit when there is everyone indulging.

First Strategy (1) The first strategy is not to  overthink and not to overdo. Be flexible.  Moderate your exercises and moderate your meal portions. Either extreme of  food habit is not helpful You need to eat and enjoy if you like, however, at the same time you also have to remember that you need to remember that eating multiple plates of tasty meals is over indulging.

Second strategy (2) Do cardio systematically and make a strategic  plan

As you are aware that during the festive season you have eaten and consumed extra calories, that calls for burning them and not let them convert in to fat and deposit in your body at unwanted places. Hence the best way to get rid of the extra calories is to plan out a systematic cardio regime.

This doesn’t mean you have to don your wellington boots and trudge through muddy parks and fields in the pouring rain, nor does it mean you have to venture out into the cold to find your nearest gym (unless you want to do these things).

Instead, you can perform circuits, jump rope or shadow box and more from the comfort of your own home to burn those extra calories.

For these kinds of workouts, I recommend something short and sweet (15-30mins) but high in intensity. Things like Tabata circuits or high energy intervals are perfect and can be done with no equipment.


Tabata circuits are completed by performing one exercise at a time for 8 continuous rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.

Each exercise will be worked for a total of 4 minutes and you’ll rest for 1 minute between exercise. Tabata can be done with more exercises but this example includes 4.


Circuits can be performed in a variety of ways but in the below example you will complete each exercise consecutively for 30secs only resting (for 1 minute) once all exercises have been completed.

Repeat the circuit for 3 – 5 total repetitions. This circuit can be made longer and/or be done for reps instead of time.


Strategy three ( 3) Regular strength training

Strength exercise, or resistance training, works your muscles by using resistance, like a dumbbell or your own body weight. This type of exercise increases lean muscle mass, which is particularly important for weight loss, because lean muscle burns more calories than other types of tissue. When people drop pounds, they can also lose muscle, so it’s important to do resistance training to keep that muscle mass.

“You can lose weight quickly [by] doing other stuff, but you’re not going to keep it off [in the] long term if you don’t maintain lean muscle mass,” – Kelly Draw

Strength training is the best way to keep your body aware about your objectives. Resistive exercises, are a great way to keep your body tones as well as keep it functional. The body is not just beautiful but also make sure its fit and able to perform a range of activities.

Strategy four (4) Choose what you eat or drink wisely. 

Its very essential for an athlete to choose his or her foo and drink carefully and wise. Take that much which you can digest and flush effectively.


This would mean avoiding or at least minimizing your intake of;

  • Most cocktails
  • Beers
  • Spirits with sugary mixers
  • Creamy liqueurs

However, lower calorie options include;

  • Wines
  • Champagne
  • Prosecco
  • Spirits on the rocks

The important thing here is to make an informed and responsible decision. Drinking excessively will not only lead to poor decision making when it comes to food but it’ll also ramp up the number of calories you take in.


However if you are indulging in protein rich side dishes such as grilled chicken or other meat protein rich appetizers that may be a good thing.


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