Selecting the Right protein: Beef Protein broth Vs Chicken Bone broth

Are you wondering if you should consume chicken bone broth or beef bone broth ? Lets take a look in to both the types of protein sources.

If bone broth is becoming the new coffee (yes — even for die-hard espresso lovers like myself) then you’d better believe it’s got the secret sauce (i.e. minerals) to keep you energized all day long. When it comes to chicken vs. beef bone broth, most people report experiencing a greater boost in their energy levels from drinking beef bone broth. This is likely due to cattle bones being much more dense and containing a higher concentration of minerals compared to lighter, thinner chicken bones.

Now, this doesn’t mean chicken bone broth is useless for boosting your energy levels. Chicken bone broth still contains minerals to help produce long-lasting energy, such as magnesium — so why not give both a try and see how you feel?

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