Importance of Protein Rich Diet

Protein in your Diet

Our food consists of various components. Some of them which form the bulk of our diet are called macro nutrients and those who are consumed in lesser amounts are called micro nutrients.

Proteins are the macro nutrients of the diet. Other macro nutrients are carbohydrates and fats.

The provide the body the building blocks along with the energy to the body needs in the form of calories, giving you 4 calories for every gram. Carbohydrates usually form the major source of energy in the body.

Your body uses these calories to assist with the breaking down and rebuilding of the cells in your body, through a process called muscle protein synthesis.

Muscle protein synthesis is essentially the technical way of saying your body is breaking down existing proteins (as a response to training) and then rebuilding proteins (using protein from your diet).

It is vital to the maintenance and growth of your body, without it you wouldn’t build muscle.

When your protein intake is too low and muscle protein synthesis is high you’re in a negative balance. This means you’re breaking down muscle faster than you can you rebuild it.

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